Soluk / Pale


Join us

This is the last call

Your god is mistaken

See the light


Remember the sage

One that leads

Don’t submit!

With the consciousness of the void


Faulty design

It is near the end

Sprouting with lies,


Is rotting


Asimilasyon / Assimilation


Save yourself, the plague is spreading

Spiders everywhere

Go ahead dig your own grave

Look, it is dawning again


Scorching sun is rising

Moldy minds

Fools are howling




Says “burn” if you are not one of us

Fatwa spreading


Uzakta / Far away


Day dawns

Sun burns

Final decision

Waves are calling


Come close

In my arms

Into the far


They will fall one by one

The stone sculptures


Narin Yalnızlık / Delicate Loneliness


When the television is off

and when all sounds fade off

It circles its own shadow

The silence of delicate loliness

Absence of you


When you hide from the crowds

And the gang of heartless

When the curtains fall

The silence of delicate loliness

Absence of you


Hayaller? / Fantasies?


Numb touches

In my veins


In your arms


Can you still hear me?

Do you still dream?


And fantasies?

They faded


Katarsis / Catharsis


Forgive, forgive

I am begging vulgarly

I kneel


Even though it is a dream

You are with me tonight

Inside me


This is forever

It repeats


Uçtu Belirsizliğe / Flown into ambiguity


I am walking


It is raining and taking me

To the garden of the void


I saw you

Life smiled

It was momentary

And in the end

Flown into ambiguity


And then again

You still have some purity in you


Gerçekten Özleyince / When you really miss


It seems like

Everything we live

Comes at a price,

It has an attraction

the loneliness


And return is needed, return is needed

When you really miss, when you really miss


Every one will get what they give, but every one

Because they are like you

Because they are like me

People who walk the same roads

People who talk different languages


And return is needed, return is needed

When you really miss, when you really miss


Yanımda / Next to me


They wouldn’t know, wouldn’t comprehend

You are with me, next to me

What if this never happened

Why am I still laughing?


Whispers left behind



Kuruyordu Nehir / River was drying up


Thoughts on my mind

Different directions

Different emotions

A common dream that is lost

River was drying up


Past days, past days

Voices remaining from the past

A common dream that is lost

River was drying up


Kasvetli Kutlama (Somber Celebration)


all colors have faded

in a pitch black hole

all voices are quiet



all spirits have rotted away

sombre celebration

upon all the fake faces

leather masks


and again

within nothingness!

my existence drowning

in the depths



İnsanlar (People)



why do they pray?


have been tarnished

and the flowers are sulking


why do they pray?


glorified the darkness


all beauty

can vanish in a moment

they all lost

in your name


all beauty

can vanish in a moment

they all lost

all for nothing…


Monoton (Monotone)


letting myself go

from higher planes


an arm grabs my body

we’re falling!

from higher planes

just as we’re reunited

it disappears again



my soul is swinging around

the wind dispersed

all I know, is what I feel

i’ll return

i’ll bury you in my grave!


Bozbulanık (Murky Grey)


my bloody hands

insignificant in their eyes!

i scream in the emptiness

in your meaningless absence


now the sun never rises

in my world of murky grey


Sanrı (Hallucination)


the laughs stamp around my brain

walls constantly turning

fear collapses on top of me

blowing its sly breath into me


blood sucking insects

sucked my soul dry


they’re everywhere!


Ritüel (Ritual)


being buried

into a blind emptiness


insects are gnawing

bones are resisting

feel the pain!

dance with me



Belirdi Gece – Musallat (The Night Emerged – Haunt)



the night emerged


with its cursed shadow



the night emerged



nobody knows

nobody hears

nobody sees


Ruh (Spirit)


half-angel, half-beast

i’ll be back in your bosom once again

half-angel, half-beast

i’m coming all the way to your side


secretly with the shadows of the night

nestling by your side one night

hanging around a hole

like a snake

for you…