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Webshop has the most variety of music and merch. Some items have lower prices and flat shipping rates apply.
That means you can bundle and pay the shipping rate of the largest item only.
Free shipping for orders over 100€.
Low shipping rates to Turkey.
Right now, all tank tops are on sale !!! (limited with stocks)

She Past Away TR Dükkanı

Türkiye’ye özel Türkçe dükkanımız.
Müzik, giyim ve aksesuar satışı.
TR’ye özel fiyatlar ve 500Tl üstü siparişlerde ücretsiz gönderi.

Beso De Muerte (USA)

Remaining merch from the US tour, shipping from Texas. Limited with stocks.
Music and apparel, some unique items produced for this tour only.

El Chulito Merch (Mexico)

El Chulito Merchandise es la tienda exclusiva de mercancía de She Past Away en Latinoamérica.
Se manejan prendas, accesorios y discos, se hacen envíos a todo el continente.

Düster Disk Emporium (Japan)

デュースター ディスク エンポリウムは日本で唯一の取扱店です.

Bandcamp – Music / Apparel

Well it’s Bandcamp, no explanation needed.

Teespring – Apparel / Accessories

You can find unique items here, they don’t exist on Bandcamp or webshop.

Discogs / Music

SPA Discogs shop, only music.