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Limited number of items signed by the band.

Belirdi Gece LP (Anniversary edition)
Narin Yalnızlık LP
Disko Anksiyete LP (Black vinyl)
Disko Anksiyete LP (Clear red vinyl)
Disko Anksiyete LP (Clear violet vinyl)
X LP (Clear double vinyl)
Part time Punks Session LP

Belirdi Gece CD
Narin Yalnızlık CD
Disko Anksiyete CD
Part time Punks Session CD

Poster Athens
Poster St. Petersburg





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Weight 250 g

Belirdi Gece LP (10th Anniversary edition), Narin Yalnızlık LP, Disko Anksiyete LP (Black), Disko Anksiyete LP (Red), Disko Anksiyete LP (Violet), X LP, Part time Punks Session LP, Belirdi Gece CD, Narin Yalnızlık CD, Disko Anksiyete CD, X CD, Part time Punks Session CD, Poster Athens, Poster St. Petersburg


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